Girl/Boy Room Sharing: A Woodland Theme!

Alright! Today I am finally sharing the finished kids room!!!! I’ve shared about 1million photos and asked for so much feedback (on my IG stories), and here is the result: a shared space with an adorable woodland theme that will hopefully grow with the kids!

My goals were simple: keep it *mostly* gender neutral, and give each child their own defined space. This was a super affordable room makeover, because I had a lot of the decor, and a few pieces were actually given to me by a lovely online friend! I’ll reference the stuff I bought / where everything is from in the bottom. Enjoy!

JJ’s bed was built by my husband using a template we found on Pinterest! We painted it with a grey chalk paint.
The white lanterns I tied to the center beam were leftover from my sister’s wedding! I tried using tulle or lace around the beams but didn’t like the overly girly look of it!
The perfect little nook for JJ!
I looked for quite awhile for the perfect woodland bedding and finally found this set on Amazon!


Baby boy’s little space!
All items linked below!
IKEA inspired bookshelves are between the kids beds, with a basket for stuffiest below!


More great IKEA finds! I love my cart for the diapers and baby clothes, and this Singlar change table is so open and easy to organize.


The Ikea garbage can makes a great diaper pail!
There wasn’t quite enough room in this space for the footstool for this chair, but it makes a great rocking chair that will easily transition into our living room after we are done with it in the nursery!
The woodland decals were gifted to me and the words about the crib are from a decal from Michaels!
Closet organizers from Walmart.
I had this custom lyric art work made for JJ – the song is Dream by Priscilla Ahn, a song I’ve sung to her as a lullaby since she was in the womb.


This adorable bunny decal is from Walmart!
My husband made each of the kids these bird house nightlight, using a bird house from Michaels, some craft paint, and custom making lights with a small switch inside!


The wooden block made by my sister, of Daisy Thirteen!


After searching for months for the perfect paddle for above the bed, I finally asked my neighbor (a talented woodworker) to make me one!
Hamper from Amazon
Stuffiest from Indigo and West Coast Kids
wall hanging from Walmart, nightlight made by my husband

We are about 2 weeks out from the kids officially sharing this space (right now SJ sleeps in our room still, but all his clothes/diapers are in this room, and I’ve been trying to start doing his naps in this room as well). I don’t think JJ will have any trouble sharing “her” room, but time will tell! One of the things I love about the floor/house bed is that it creates a sense of privacy for her, so she has her own space. I also like that she can get in and out of bed by herself (this has its pros and cons) which I think will help once baby boy is sleeping in their room as well – JJ can easily leave her room/bed and play when she wakes up, instead of crying in her bed and waking her brother! Once baby boy has outgrown his crib, we’ll build a similar floor bed for him as well and have the beds on opposite walls with the window in between! I am excited to see the kids grow into this room together, and hope they have many happy years of rooms haring ahead of them!

Did you share a room with a sibling when you were growing up? Do your kids share a room?



Pinterest: Bed template

Amazon:Bedding, hamper

Ikea: Change Table , Diaper pail , Rolling cart , Crib, Rocking chair

Walmart: Bunny decal, square wall hangings, closet organizers and bins (links not available)

Michaels: Adventure decal (link not available)

Quote block from Daisy

West Coast Kids: Frankie the Fox

Indigo: Bunny



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