Dear SJ

Dear SJ, my sweet son,

What an adventure we are about to begin together. I can’t even imagine how I’ll feel when I see your face for the first time. Your time in my belly has been so special and sweet, for me and your dad and your big sister. We are all so excited for the big way that you’ll be changing our family forever.

We are just days, weeks, maybe a month away from meeting you; I spend my nights wondering who you are. Will you have hair? Will you look like me? Will you be more like your dad, quiet but goofy – or more like me, intense and boisterous? Will having you and your sister so close together foster a deep and meaningful relationship – or a sibling rivalry? There is so much about you that is still a mystery, but the love I feel for you is so familiar already, my baby boy.

I pray that your dad and I will help you feel like your own person, in our family of 4, and that you’ll have freedom to explore and find your own way as you grow. I feel already that you’re going to be a deeply rooted man, and I hope that you find so much joy, love, and safety in the shelter of our family. You are already so, so loved my son.

Love, mama (B.)


P.S. Your sister is a sweet, kind, loving, happy kiddo and she is going to smooch you and hug you and love you so much. I promise I’ll make sure you get some space from her when you need it, though. 


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