When I Turn 30…

When I turn 30, I won’t care what people think anymore.

When I’m 30 I will say goodbye to body issues.

When I’m 30 I’ll feel confident about my personality.

When I’m 30 I’ll feel grown up.

When I’m 30 I’ll be ____________.

I’ve always loved growing a year older; I love my birthday and have always believed aging should be celebrated! Which, being in my mid twenties, hasn’t been too hard to do! Haha.  But I genuinely hope I can maintain that attitude into my 50’s. 60’s, and on! Because life is a gift and every year I’m alive is worth celebrating!!! Also, I love presents.

It might seem odd, but I never thought much about aging past 25. My last few birthdays have been AMAZING, and my 25th was my best birthday BY FAR! In fact, the last 6 birthdays have all kind of rocked…

21 – prayed for a husband! got married 11 months later LOL

22 – first birthday married, got SPOILED by the hubs

25 – threw myself the best birthday bash ever, chopped my hair, entered a new          chapter of self discovery

26 – my first birthday as a mom AND it was Mother’s Day on my birthday!! unbeatable 🙂

27 – TBD

While I don’t know what my 27th birthday holds, I do know where I’ll be spending it! In Vancouver, visiting my best and oldest friend AND seeing the ocean FOR THE FIRST TIME! I am both elated and a little embarrassed to say that I’ll be seeing the ocean for the first time this May, because if you asked 17 year old Brittany when she’d be seeing the ocean for the first time, she probably would’ve said by the time she was 18…the best laid plans 😉 But, I am so thrilled to be spending this birthday traveling, something I for sure have not done enough of in my life!

Turning 30.

So why am I writing about turning 30 when I’m still a month away from turning 27? Because now that I’m in my later 20s, I feel like I’m about to turn the corner on turning 30 – and once I’m 30, I’ll have made it. I’ll have arrived.

I know a lot of women struggle with this age. Maybe it’s because we feel we should have XYZ (husband, babies, house, degrees) by that specific age, or maybe it’s because we don’t want to have to start wearing night cream and worrying about our metabolisms slowing down – but for whatever reason, I have never feared turning 30. In fact, I’ve idolized it. I’ve used it as this landmark for being whole, healthy, feeling good and ok in my skin, for finally being my true self. I see 30 year old Brittany in my mind and she’s this superwoman version of myself – she’s easy breezy, she’s collected, she’s ok with being too much for some people, she’s self-possessed, she’s confident, she’s light hearted. I want to be her! And then I realized, why do I have to wait until 30? Why not today, why not when I’m 27? I can be her now, right?


But, I’ve also come to realize, she might not exist… What I mean is, the day I have no insecurities, no fears, no struggles – that day may never exist.

Yes, I will conquer many of my struggles as I age (I hope!) and yes I will probably grow more confident and self-assured with age, but probably being 30 won’t actually change anything magically. 30 isn’t magic, and no age is THE age of becoming myself, unless I am actually just doing the hard work (therapy, self improvement, reading all the books, trusting my true self with friends who have earned my trust, learning what I actually like and actually think) of becoming myself. Which I am doing today, and have been doing for some time.

So let’s do this 27 – let’s grow, let’s keep evolving, let’s keep following our intuition, let’s keep becoming our true and fearless self, letting go of fears, insecurities, and opinions that don’t serve us, and embracing change, the unknown, and love. Let’s not wait for 30. In fact, I’ve decided – 27 is the new 30 😉

I just want more joy, more love, and more to be more bodaciously me 🙂


p.s. what’s your favorite part of birthdays? What has been your favorite age? Let me know in the comments!!!!

2 thoughts on “When I Turn 30…”

  1. 25 is the age that scared me the most. I had nothing I’d hoped to have accomplished by then. No husband or babies on the way. I wasn’t thrilled about my job. I lived alone in a dungeon of a basement suite.
    I looked forward to 30. I wasn’t as afraid of it as some women are. I thought 30 was old lol Now I’m 32 and aging doesnt scare me. I look forward to grey hair and 60.


  2. I agree to age is magic. I turned 18 and I thought something would change suddenly but I realized that nothing changes suddenly.
    I hope I can age this gracefully .😇


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