Our Love Story (Part 2)

Five years later: Brittany is a nanny in Winnipeg, Tyler lives in Killarney.

I remember my 22nd birthday SO clearly. I was walking to get my birthday coffee from Starbucks, reflecting on the last year, and dreaming of things I hoped to accomplish in the upcoming year.

I had really enjoyed the last year alone in Winnipeg, but part of me felt so ready to be in a relationship and love someone wholeheartedly. I remember saying a little prayer that went something like: “Lord, I don’t know if you grant birthday wishes, but I would really like to get married this year…”

Later that day, Tyler posted to my Facebook wall.

Now, say what you will about soul mates, and destiny, and whatever – I was floored! I hadn’t heard from Tyler in 5 years and NOW he contacts me (to simply wish me, his ex girl  friend, a happy birthday, because he is the kindest guy on earth).

I saw his post on my wall and thought, “wow, after all this time, he still only has kind words for me…what a guy.” And that was it.

Until a few weeks later, I saw his status update on Facebook (yes, thank you Facebook) saying that he was in Winnipeg for work. Well, la di dah….For some reason, after seeing that, I had this unreal desire to contact him to see if he wanted to get together. I texted my sister to ask for advice (her and Tyler were always great friends) and she was like MESSAGE HIM MARRY HIM QUICK!!! Sheesh, chill Kayla…so I did. I messaged him to casually say hi and see if he wanted to hang out with us (me and my sister) while he was in town. And he said no. NO. Well fine…

But he countered! Would I want to come to his hometown and see his band play in July. Uh, sure! Travel 3 hours and camp all weekend, even though we’re not even really friends and haven’t seen each other in years – playing hard to get is my jam, and chill my middle name.

We spent the next 6 weeks texting ALL THE DAY LONG (which my employers loved) and rekindling a love that ran deeper then either of us knew. Those days were a blur of flirting, rediscovering each others personalities, and learning so much about each other. We had both changed so much (the last time we dated I was 16, so basically I was a different person), and we used that time to hash out some of the issues from our first breakup. It sounds like we basically fell in love again via text, but we didn’t. Neither of us were direct enough to say ‘Hey, it seems like something is still here, lets give this another shot.’ That is not what happened. We just clicked, and life was way fun-er texting with echoer every day – the rest would come or not, we would see in July.

I honestly didn’t know how I felt about Tyler anymore. It had been so long, and I was a different person. Would he even like me anymore, or be attracted to me? When we dated last time I was a fresh faced 16 year old in baggy jeans a hoodie – now I was a full on hipster, with a lesbians haircut (at least it was a lesbians haircut in Winnipeg in 2012), and tattoos…I knew I needed to see him before I could decide if this was really anything.

So we made the trip to Killarney, and I was a basket case of nerves. I remember the first moment I saw Tyler again – I wanted to puke I was so nervous. Was this it? Was he the guy? After all this time?

We spent the weekend camping and hanging out, flirting like teenagers, and talking late into the night around a fire. I still wasn’t even sure if this guy liked me, never mind if I liked him. The chemistry was there, the attraction was there, but this all felt too good to be true, like a Nicholas Sparks love story/tragedy/romcom.

By the end of the weekend though, we knew. And so when I headed back home with my sister, we set a date for the following weekend: Tyler would come my way, and we would ‘discuss’ the future.

A week later, Tyler arrives in Steinbach at my sister’s house with a gift (a journal in my favorite color!) and we have ‘the talk’. It sounds all very serious and intense, and it was. I felt like getting back together with a guy I had crushed 5 years earlier was very dangerous.  Like I wasn’t just getting back together with him, but agreeing to date again was like accepting a marriage proposal, and that felt like a lot of pressure. He assured me that there was no pressure, we would simply date (long distance) and see how it went.


I’ll spare you the details, although the details are my fav, but this is how the next 3 months progressed…

  • Brittany quits her Winnipeg job a month early and basically lives in Killarney, visiting Tyler as much as she can before school starts in September
  • Britany gets an apartment near University and still spends all her time in Killarney
  • Brittany drops out of school and gets out of her lease, surprising Tyler with a decision to move to Killarney after only two months of dating                                                                  (I feel like any normal guy would’ve ran at this point in the relationship..)
  • Brittany moves to Killarney, and takes over Tyler’s apartment because there’s nowhere to live and I gave him one day notice so..
  • Tyler proposes after a month of Brittany living in Killarney and only 3 months of dating

So clearly I wasn’t as afraid of getting too serious too quickly as I thought.

It’s actually pretty amazing to me still that NO ONE tried to convince us not to move things so quickly. In fact, when I told my dad that I was dropping out of school (again) and moving to a random town to be with a guy I had been dating for 10 minutes, he was like ‘I think that makes sense’. HA.

But honestly, it did. Tyler and I had been, were, and are best friends. We are both at our best when we are together, and those 5 years apart showed us both that. Call it fate, call it destiny, call it kismet – he is mine, and I am his.

(Love you Teej)


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