Our Love Story (part 1)

Tyler and I met when I was 16, in high school, and he was newly graduated and attending a local college near my hometown. I had just recently become a Christian after the death of a close friend, and started attending a local youth group. Tyler was one of the youth leaders **gasp** and for him, it was love at first site (no, really!).

**K it’s not as gross as it sounds. He was my youth leader in the sense that he was helping out at my youth group with his friends to fill his volunteer hours for college – plus I was 16 and he was 18 so just CHILL**

He remembers me as a loud, outgoing, fun girl who was wearing a green scarf as a belt the first time he saw me. I remember him as an old looking guy with a beard. No really, I thought he was 40. Who has a beard at 18?!

Once I realized he was, in fact, not 40, we became fast friends. I was drawn to him, being my complete opposite, and we would often stay up late chatting on MSN (that really dates me…). My parents were not at all concerned because this was a serious improvement to me galavanting till all hours of the night with gross, dirty teenage boys. So, yeah. They were fine (my mom even recently gave me some of our saved MSN chats I had printed out!).

Once it became clear that Tyler had all the feels for me, he stepped down as a youth leader and we started dating. It was full on puppy love and we both fell hard and fast. I told him I loved him on our first date, 7 days into being boyfriend and girlfriend, and he didn’t run for the hills – miracle. We danced in the snow, went for late night drives in his Monte Carlo, held hands in the dark, and had our first kiss while watching A Walk To Remember (I’ll pause while you vomit from cuteness overload).

We had been dating for around 8 months and were sure we’d be married by the time I turned 18 when I had a teenage crisis and broke up with him. Actually, worse then that, I put us ‘on a break’. Yes, I’m the worst.

Not only that, but I used the Christian Girl Cop Out line ‘I don’t think God wants us to be together’ and broke his heart into a thousand, confused pieces. It was messy and stupid and my family was so upset that I chased away the one good boy who had ever really loved me (self destructive much?). CUE ALL THE CRYING FOREVER.

We tried to stay friends; he was 3 hours from his family and was truly my best friend. I worked at bible camp that summer and we would talk a lot on the phone, and visit when I went home on weekends. I ended up hurting him more on our ‘break’ and stringing him along; it was so messy. By the end of the summer we officially broke up and he moved back home.

Not my best decision ever, but…

(Continued in Love Story Part 2)



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