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Update: #churchtoo and the aftermath of publicly sharing my story of spiritual abuse

If you haven't already, please read the original post, before reading this update on how the blog post was received and reacted to. And if you're a survivor of spiritual abuse, please speak up and reach out. You're not alone.  My life has changed since August 5th, when I posted a raw and revealing story… Continue reading Update: #churchtoo and the aftermath of publicly sharing my story of spiritual abuse

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Losing my faith

Beloved reader, I really didn't think I would post this piece publicly  Doubt is a terrifying thing, and dismantling your faith (and/or worldview) can feel like you're losing your mind. I wasn't sure I wanted to do that "publicly". But in working through some of these struggles with friends and loved ones, I've become braver in sharing about doubt,… Continue reading Losing my faith

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#churchtoo – my story of spiritual abuse and being silenced for nearly a decade

Victims of trauma often say the justice they seek isn't from the perpetrator, but rather from the bystander. Why didn’t anyone do anything? The bystander see the injustice, but does nothing to intercede. When the victim finally comes forward, or seeks justice, it is from this third party of bystander that it’s sought. The justice is in being believed, in being able to tell your own story, as you know it, and having the bystander recognize who is the perpetrator and who is the victim in the story. This is a justice I was never afforded. For almost 10 years, I told no one my story, and I believed the narrative that I was told to believe.  Until now.

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An honest conversation about mothering, with Maddy Moon

I recently spoke with the beautiful and brilliant Maddy Moon on her podcast, Mind Body Musings, and wanted to share that episode with you here. Maddy's podcast has been a part of my life for almost 3 years, and her insight has shaped me in many ways. Her podcast has a lot of variety in… Continue reading An honest conversation about mothering, with Maddy Moon

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Why I Quit Social Media

I've often rolled my eyes at people who go on social media to tell people that are currently on social media that they're going off social media. Like WE GET IT BECKY, you're too good for Instagram. The irony annoyed me. Since leaving Instagram though, I've wondered if my judgement towards people who ditch social media was my… Continue reading Why I Quit Social Media


“This is why people get divorced”

When my husband and I were engaged, the pastor who married us did 2 very smart things. First, he asked us, "What is the most important thing in a happy, healthy relationship?" And secondly, he had us take an online assessment of sorts that would show us any problem areas in our relationship. We answered… Continue reading “This is why people get divorced”

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Self Compassion: The cure for Perfectionism

What is your first reaction when you're having a bad day? What is your internal dialogue like when you screw something up badly and you can't blame anyone else? What words pop into your mind or out of your mouth when you come back to the same old struggles again and again, when you thought… Continue reading Self Compassion: The cure for Perfectionism


When Things Go Wrong: Taming Your Inner Critic

We all know the disappointment of making plans, having our hopes up, and then things go totally and utterly wrong. It can be something small, like a birthday hoopla or a dinner party you've looked forward to hosting, to something bigger like your own wedding or a child's graduation. No matter what it is, when… Continue reading When Things Go Wrong: Taming Your Inner Critic


Why Body Acceptance Is A Major Part Of Self-Acceptance 

I define body acceptance as: treating my body with respect, dignity, and love no matter what it looks like or it's current size.  There may be things I want to work on, or struggle with, but my body always deserves to be treated with dignity - because it's my only vessel in this life. It deserves to be… Continue reading Why Body Acceptance Is A Major Part Of Self-Acceptance 


This is the HEAVIEST and the HAPPIEST I have ever been

This is the most I have ever weighed, besides while pregnant, and this is the happiest I have ever been. When Tyler and I got married, I was 170lbs. I know this because we both decided to weigh ourselves the day before our wedding (dumb) and both realized we were overweight. Ha. I was roughly… Continue reading This is the HEAVIEST and the HAPPIEST I have ever been

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What I’ve learnt From 9 Months of Sobriety

so·bri·e·ty /səˈbrīədē/ noun the state of being sober. Similar: soberness clear-headedness abstinence nonindulgence abstemiousness temperance Today I am 9 months sober. Before I left social media, I had noticed that sobriety was trending online. I was following a few sobriety accounts, and learning more about how things like "mommy wine culture" are subtle (not) ways… Continue reading What I’ve learnt From 9 Months of Sobriety